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Copyleaks will report a 100% similarity score when it recognizes the submission for each student in the group as all the same.

In order to avoid this the faculty member will need to deselect the Copyleaks Database check boxes and Save when they set up the group assignment. 

Checkboxes for Copyleaks

The instructor role does not have permission to delete student assignments in Canvas.  If you have only allowed one submission attempt on the assignment, but there is a student who needs to make an additional submission, there are two options:

  1. You can allow the specific student an additional submission attempt, but this requires increasing the submission number for all students.  To edit these settings: Select the Assignment>Edit>Increase Number of Attempts to ‘2’.  Once the specific student re-submits, you can edit the number of attempts back to 1 again if preferred.
  2. You can duplicate the assignment and enter the same assignment settings, but assign it ONLY to the student that needs to re-submit. 

How you print a hardcopy of a Quiz from Canvas will depend on whether it is a Classic Quiz or New Quiz.

New Quizzes can be printed off from within Canvas.  Step-by-step instructions for how to print a New Quiz can be found here.

Classic Quizzes must be printed off using the Respondus 4.0 tool.

If you do not have the Respondus 4.0 application downloaded, information and instructions are linked here.

Once you have downloaded Respondus 4.0, step-by-step instructions for exporting your Quiz, formatting it through Respondus 4.0, and converting to a Word document format can be found here. Once in a Word document, you can edit as necessary and print a hardcopy.

Canvas Resources for Instructors provides faculty with the resources they need to successfully use Canvas. The resources include videos, and instructional guides on getting started with Canvas, assignments, discussions, quizzes, rubrics, and grading.

Review the Working Smarter Not Harder: Tips for Course Setup to learn more about duplicating modules, adding module prerequisites and requirements, reviewing course settings, and running the link validator.

Loyalist Service Desk Support

The Service Desk at Loyalist is available to assist faculty with Canvas account access and course cross-listing. For hours of operation, and contact information, go to: Loyalist Service Desk.