At Loyalist, mapping has an important role in course development, program quality assurance, and guidance for program teams. CATL can work with individuals and groups to assist them with the process of developing effective maps for their program.

Current Loyalist Maps

The UDL Map is prepopulated with numerous practices that have been selected as promoting UDL in teaching. There is room to include other practices that have not been captured in the list.
The UDL map assists programs with tracking past and current practices while identifying opportunities to increase or enhance Universal Design for Learning practices within a program.

The map is populated by having faculty within a program self-identify which practices they have used, are using, or will consider using.

Following this mapping exercise, faculty are encouraged to work together to discuss the results and learn from each other on how they have used these practices in specific courses as well as new opportunities to implement them in their teaching practices.


The Assessment Map Form is to support the evaluation of student learning by ensuring assessments within the program’s courses do not conflict with each other (large assignments or tests due on the same day or back-to-back days).

This would include identifying the type, date, and weight of assessments for each course within a program for each semester so that adjustments could be made if conflicting assessments have been identified.

assessment map form