Faculty Feature

The Faculty Feature highlights remote learning strategies that are being implemented across Loyalist by your faculty colleagues.  Thank you to those faculty who were willing to share their experiences.  We hope you enjoy experiencing the innovative and creative strategies being used in remote teaching environments.

If you would like to showcase some of your strategies, please contact us at catl@loyalistcollege.com

Click each name below to view the Faculty Feature interviews. 

Archie was able to successfully transition his courses for remote delivery in the Architectural Technology program by creating a document camera using his iPhone, and a light board using a spare monitor to provide his students with real-time sketches.

In this faculty feature, we chat with John Poste about his use of software and videos to help students understand how to troubleshoot, hydraulic circuits in an asynchronous learning environment.

In this faculty feature we chat with Michelle Kelly about her use of Discussion Boards and how she used discussions to encourage virtual class attendance and participation.

In this faculty feature with Craig we discuss the value of a recorded guest speaker video and have a demo of a video created using Camtasia.

Greg walks us through his experience of moving from a highly experiential learning classroom to a completely remote environment. Greg shares his many lessons learned on this journey.

In this faculty feature, Barb Remington – a full time faculty member in the Practical Nursing program, discusses how she adapted her in-person palliative care simulation lab by transitioning the standardized patients (volunteer actors) to individualized Blackboard Collaborate rooms, so that students could practice providing care virtually through video and audio.

In this faculty feature we speak with Scott regarding active learning strategies, short recorded lectures and briefly discuss his use of technology to create group assignments and peer review.

Kim Bagg, a part time faculty member in the Police Foundations program, speaks with us about how she transitioned her face to face course to remote delivery by heavily utilizing blackboard collaborate, and the assignment submissions, and inline grading features in Blackboard.