Our Staff

The Centre for Advancement of Teaching and Learning (CATL) is here to support Loyalist College Faculty and Staff with teaching and learning needs.

CATL supports curriculum development, teaching & learning practice, technology enabled Learning, distance education development and delivery, and professional development.

Meet the CATL Team

Christine Eddy Adrianna Christie Neil Kerby Leah Woolven

Chair, Digital Learning

Office Coordinator 

Professor/Teaching and Learning Facilitator 

Senior Learning Technology Facilitator

Amanda Hunt Tricia Bonner Julie Sullivan   Greg Locke
LMS Project Implementation Lead

Open Education Strategist

Senior Learning Technology Facilitator

Learning Management System Technician

Aamanda Hanninen Cora-Lee Lane Gregory Paziuk  Karen McKeown

 PDO- OntarioLearn


OntarioLearn Technician OntarioLearn Exams Specialist
Karen Raycroft Patricia Rollins Janice Quade Jamie Hoard

OntarioLearn Services Specialist

eLab Coordinator/DE Records Specialist

PDO-ECE Distance and CDP Apprenticeship

Distance Education Services and CDP Apprenticeship Specialist

Heather Mzee Julie Kellman Jacquie Curran Carrie Mallon


Distance Education Services and Exams Specialist

ECE Placement Coordinator PDO-DSW Distance and Apprenticeship 

Distance Education Services and DSW Distance & Apprenticeship Specialist

Tim Parker Stephan Borau Jennifer Yascheshyn

DSW Placement Coordinator

Instructional Designer

Professor/Teaching and Learning Facilitator 

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