Our Staff

The Centre for Advancement of Teaching and Learning (CATL) is here to support Loyalist College Faculty and Staff with teaching and learning needs.

CATL supports curriculum development, teaching & learning practice, technology enabled Learning, distance education development and delivery, and professional development.

Meet the CATL Team

Christine Eddy Leah Woolven Neil Kerby

Acting Director

Office Coordinator 

Professor/Teaching and Learning Facilitator 

Amanda Hunt Tricia Bonner Julie Sullivan Tim Parker    
Senior Learning Technology Facilitator

Senior Learning Technology Facilitator

Senior Learning Technology Facilitator

DSW Placement Coordinator

Aamanda Hanninen Cora-Lee Lane Gregory Paziuk  Karen McKeown

 PDO- OntarioLearn


OntarioLearn Technician OntarioLearn Exams Specialist
Karen Raycroft Shannon Banfield Janice Quade Jamie Hoard

OntarioLearn Services Specialist

eLab Coordinator/DE Records Specialist

PDO-ECE Distance and CDP Apprenticeship

Distance Education Services and CDP Apprenticeship Specialist

Heather Mzee Julie Kellman Jacquie Curran Carrie Mallon


Distance Education Services and Exams Specialist

ECE Placement Coordinator PDO-DSW Distance and Apprenticeship 

Distance Education Services and DSW Distance & Apprenticeship Specialist


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