Documentation – Posting the Course Outline to Blackboard

The course outline is one of the documents that is required on Blackboard. 

Step 1. To post the course outline you must select the documentation menu link.

Step 2. Then select the Course Outline drop down tab, and select Edit.

Step 3. Add any text or information that you want regarding the course outline in the text editing area.

Step 4. Select Browse My Computer to find the course outline.


Step 5. Click on This PC to display available drives and then click on P drive and find the folder entitled Course Outlines




Step 6. Select the folder for your school (ie. HU-Human Studies) Note: there is a separate folder for GNED courses.

Step 7. Click on the current academic year (ie. 2019-2020 pr 202001)

Step 8. Click on the folder for your program (e.g. ECEP, SSWP)

Step 10. Select the PDF for your course and click Open.

Step 10. This will now appear as an attached file and you can Submit.


NOTE: If the course outline tab does not exist in your course you will need to Build Content. You will then have the option to create a file or create an item. 

When you create an item you will have the option to add notes or information to the document. When you create a file you will not be able to add any additional information.

Both options will allow for date restrictions on the document using the Standard Options settings

NOTE: Whether you post as a file or an item you will need to follow the same steps as outlined above. – Browse computer – p:drive- course outlines – program – course.


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