Content Editor in Blackboard

The content editor is used when adding most information to Blackboard. You can use the content editor the same way you would use a word document to create and edit text. 

There are some additional features that can be utilized to enhance the sharing of content. 

Add content

Add Content
This button adjusts to provide options relevant to the content type you are creating. Depending on where you are, options may include:

    • Replaces Mashups(eg. Flickr, SlideShare, Youtube)
    • Replaces Add Image button
    • Insert local files (this is how you add an image)
    • Insert links to Course files
    • Insert files from OneDrive (with login)

Insert table

Insert Table
To say this tool is improved would be an understatement. This is a whole new approach to tables, which are now easy to work with. Check out this help page to see all the bells and whistles.

Accessibility Checker

Accessibility Checker
Shows the accessibility issues with your text and images and lists them in a viewer.

MathType editor

MathType Editor
Blackboard opens the MathType editor in a separate window that you can use to create math equations.


There is now an expanded list of emojis to choose from for your enjoyment.

source code

Source Code
Finally! A real HTML editor with line numbers and colours.

This is also where you paste your external embed codes.

Code SampleInsert/Edit Code Sample
This new feature will allow you to share formatted computer code snippets in your text editor –  super helpful for computer science classes!

The following video explains some additional features when copying and pasting.