Creating Lessons

Weekly lessons include PowerPoint, readings and handouts, videos and other resources. This can include the actual lessons notes and PowerPoint as well as links to the assessments, resources etc.

To add content to any area follow the steps below:

Step 1. In Edit Mode, click on the title of the content area in the course menu (Lessons). Then select the folder you wish to add content to (Week 1).

Course menu with Lessons outlined in redBuild content menu areas with week one identified

NOTE: If you do not have weekly folders it is recommended that you create them to organize content. This can be done by selecting build content on the action bar and then select content folder. If you already have folders in your course you can jump to build content.  

content folder highlighted in drop down menu

You will then have the option to name the folder and add any required information to the outside of the folder. 

Create content folder options including folder name an relevant information

Once the folders are created you can select the folder to build content in.

Step 2. On the action bar, use the Build Content, Assessments and/or Tools, to add materials to a content area. To add an item to your content area, point to Build Content to access the drop down list.

Action bar with build content circled

Step 3. Select Item from the Create column.

Step 4. On the Create item page, type the Item’s Name and select a color for the name, if you want.Create item widget with name and description area identified

Step 5. You can add content instructions, information, videos, web links etc in the text box by utilizing the various editing options.

Step 6. To add a file, click Browse My Computer to locate the file.Adding Content features with browse my computer, and date restrictions settings highlighted

Step 7. Determine whether you want to permit users to view the content right away. Select restriction dates and time if preferred.

NOTE: if you are using date and time restrictions you are still required to set permit users to view this content to yes. 

Step 8. Click Submit.