Creating Rubrics in Blackboard

How to Create a Rubric in Blackboard

Step 1: Log into Blackboard and navigate to your course, and the assessment for which you want to add a rubric. Click Add Rubric.


Step 2: You have three options: Select Rubric, Create New Rubric or Create From Existing.

Click on Create Rubric to create a new one. 


Step 3: Complete Rubric Information: add a title and optional description. Note, add a title that corresponds to the individual rubric, for example the Assignment title. 


Step 4: Complete the Rubric Details:


New rubrics in Blackboard have three rows and three columns, but may be customized.

Select Add Row to add a new criterion to the bottom of the grid.

Select Add Column to add a new level of achievement to the grid.

Choose a Rubric Type from the menu: commonly a points range is used.

  • No Points: Provide feedback only.
  • Points: Each level of achievement has a single point value.
  • Point Range: Each level of achievement has a range of values.
  • Percent: Each item’s possible points determines the percentage.
  • Percent Range: Each level of achievement has a range of values. When you grade, you select the appropriate percentage level for a particular level of achievement. The system calculates the points earned by multiplying the weight x achievement percentage x item points.

Type a point or percentage value for each row and column. 

Type a description for the criterion and the associated level of achievement. Each cell has a 1000-character limit. 

Note: Ensure the total points in your rubric matches the points possible you set in the grading section of your assessment.


Step 5: Edit the Criteria or Levels of Achievement:

To edit titles, click on the chevron and select Edit.

To reorder the Criteria or Levels of Achievement, Click on the labelled box.

Then select your action and click Submit.


Step 6: Select Submit. You will see your rubric attached to the Grading Section.


Step 7: Customize- Show Rubric to Students:

By default when you create your rubric, this is set to No. Click on the rubric icon and select an alternative to customize.
Our recommendation is to show the rubric to students.


Step 8: No additional changes are necessary, but you can click on the pencil icon to make any additional edits, the paper icon to view, and the X icon to delete.