Grading Inside a Blackboard Rubric

How to Grade Inside a Blackboard Rubric

To learn how to grade inside a Blackboard rubric by viewing this Blackboard tutorial (1:07 minutes):

You can also also review the instructions below:

Step 1: In your Control Panel: You can launch grading from the Needs Grading or Full Grade Centre menu items.

In the Needs Grading section, click on the chevron and select how you would like to grade from the options listed.

In the Full Grade Centre, click on the Needs Grading icon and click on View Attempt.


Step 2: On the Grade Assignments page, you can view, comment on, and use a rubric to grade student-submitted assignment files. Expand the grading panel to access the rubric. To do this click on down arrow as shown below.

Step 3: Select the rubric title to expand it in the panel.

Alternatively, select the View Rubric in Window icon to open the rubric in a separate window and grade from there.


Step 4: Select an achievement level for each criteria. A running Raw Total score appears as you make point selections.

If grading in a separate window you can also add comments.

If grading in the same window you can add annotations (comments, mark up) click here to learn more.

To optionally override the selected score, type a score in the change the number of point box.


Step 5: Optionally add overall assessment feedback.

Step 6:
Click on Save or Save Rubric.


Important Note: After you use a rubric for grading, you can’t edit it. You can copy the rubric to create a duplicate rubric you can edit.