Tracking Attendance in Bb

Blackboard Learn introduced an attendance tool that allows you to track student attendance per class meeting. It creates a corresponding column in the grade centre that allows you to monitor attendance throughout the semester.

The following steps describe how to enable and use the attendance feature.

Step 1 –  Open your course in Blackboard and scroll down to the control panel

Step 2 – Open course tools

Step 3 – Select attendance

course menu options

Step 4 – Add attendance

Add attendance button

Step 5 – Determine settings for the grade centre. You can change the grading schema to determine how you want to track attendance.

Grading schema options

Step 6 – Select the appropriate column for the students. You can mark all of the students as present by selecting “present” at the top of the column and then selecting “mark all present”.

Mark all present column view

Step 7 – You can then edit specific students who might have been late or absent by selecting the appropriate box to the right of their name

column options

Step 8 – The column then shows up in the grade centre, If you do not want students to see their attendance records you will need to hide the grade centre column in the full grade centre.

Step 9 – You can select the meeting option to create the daily meeting or the overall option to review or edit previous meetings.