LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning offers more than 16,000 courses and content is available in 7 languages. Courses on business, creative, and technology skills, and it’s available at no additional cost to all Loyalist College faculty, staff, and students. 

  1. Business: digital transformation, leadership & management, soft skills, project management training, HR training, customer service training, performance management training, online marketing training, professional development, career development, training & education, business software and tools, finance and accounting, sales, small business and entrepreneurship.
  2. Technology: IT infrastructure training, cloud computing, data science, web development, software development, security, database management, IT help desk, mobile development, network and system administration, and internet of things.
  3. Creative: online graphic design training, online AEC training, CAD, web design, user experience, 3D and animation, art and illustration, video, motion graphics and VFX, photography, audio and music.

LinkedIn Learning content can be embedded into courses in our learning management system and used for personal professional development.

Teaching with LinkedIn Learning – Video (2:36 minutes)

Overview of LinkedIn Learning (this could be shown to students) video ( 1:07 min)

Step 1: Use your Loyalist username and password to log in to myLoyalist. Click on the LinkedIn Learning icon. 

myLoyalist page with LinkedIn Learning app selected.

Step 2: Have a LinkedIn Profile? Connect your LinkedIn profile to your LinkedIn Learning account to get personalized and interactive learning experiences. Or you can choose to continue without linking your accounts. 

Here are some of the benefits you can start enjoying when you connect your LinkedIn profile:

Step 4: Complete the profile set up. Setting a learning goal is optional.

Step 5: Start curating learning content.

Important note: We recommend that you preview any content you intend to share students/embed in your course to ensure it meets your expectations.


Below are instructions for two methods of adding LinkedIn Learning content to your course in the LMS:

Method 1: LMS Building Block

Loyalist has a building block to make it very easy to add content to your course.

Step 1. Navigate to the area of your course where you would like to add the content. Select Partner Content option and click on Content Market.

Step 2. The Content Market page will launch, allowing you to pick LinkedIn Learning (you may need to select Browse all content providers at the bottom to see it).

Step 3. Select the course you want to insert from the LinkedIn Learning catalog.

Step 4. Check the box(es) in front of any any videos you want to add here.

Step 5. Click Submit.


Method 2: Embed Content in Your Course

Step 1. Login to LinkedIn Learning and select the video you would like to share.

Step 2. Click on the “Share” icon (the right-facing arrow button)

Step 3. Click on “Embed Code” to copy the code for embedding the video directly into your course.

Step 4. Go to the spot in your Blackboard course where you want to include the video. To add new content, click on Build Content tab. Then click on Item. Click on the embed code icon.

Step 5. Paste in the code and click Save.

Step 6. Click Submit. LinkedIn Learning content will now be embedded in your course.

There are a few ways to see the new courses that are added. First, you can subscribe to the LinkedIn Learning blog here , and every Monday an article will be sent to you that lists the new course titles added that week.

Second, your homepage content recommendations will show you the newest and most popular courses.

Lastly, if you’re searching for a particular topic using the search bar, once you’ve done a search click on the “sort by” drop down at the top right and click “newest” and it will show you the newest courses on that topic first.

Learning paths are compiled playlists of related video courses on a specific topic or career track. They include multiple courses by different expert instructors to teach a variety of skills and information associated with that subject or profession. They indicate a specific series of courses and videos taken in sequence.

Collections are also a group of courses and videos related to a specific topic, but they do not have a particular order, and do not need to be watched in sequence.

Review the Course Content Corner to see LinkedIn’s latest courses and learning paths, content mapping docs, and instructors to watch.

If you wish to consider creating custom learning paths, contact CATL (

In the app/play store on your device, simply find the ‘LinkedIn Learning’ app for download. Once downloaded, you will login with your same desktop credentials, and your learning will automatically go with you wherever you go. Using the mobile option is a bit different and has the option to turn the courses to “audio only” via a toggle within each course.

Contact Learning support is the place where you can contact the LinkedIn Learning support team and get 1on1 support.